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    Shades of the Past Hot Rod RoundUp #29

    29th Annual
    Dollywood's Splash Country

    • This past September, 2011 was the Shades of the Past Hot Rod Roundup # 29 in Pigeon Forge, Tn. at Dollywood's Splash Country. This show started in Gatlinburg in the beginning and ended up moving to Pigeon Forge where the show was at the Host Hotel parking lot and eventually moved outside of the city limits to the Smokie View Ranch in the early 90's. This is where it remained up until two years ago when the club decided it would be better off to move the show to Dollywood's Splash Country. To say that the Shades of the Past car club improved it would be an understatement, not only is it bigger and better, but it's just an awesome place to hold a car show. There,s more parking area for the show cars, venders and also the spectators, plus easier access to the facility with better roads.

      As always, this is a two-day event that begins on Friday and ends on Saturday, leaving Sunday for the cruise home. A lot of people start rolling in to town earlier in the week to get a jump on the forthcoming excitement. Friday starts with the Top 25 Pick & Celebrity Pick recipients, while Saturday is reserved for the Southeast Deuce Gathering. The Top 25 and the Celebrity Pick vehicles were chosen by 4 p.m. on Friday and then it was time for all of the winners to get inline for their photo opportunity. All the picks are displayed on Saturday, while this year the club expanded it more from the year before, where the cars and the awards ceremony was held in the theme park itself which provided much more ample room.

    • The vender and swap meet area is the place to be for those new or hard to find parts for your current project. This year was our second year in a row to do our LIA pick, Ladies In Autosports, which is an all billet aluminum trophy in the shape of the LIA lady. This years award went to Linda Keel and her beautiful red '55 Chevy from Spotslyvania, Va. , look for the complete feature story on Linda's '55 in this month's issue. If you've never done the The Shades of the Past car show you need to put the event on your list for this coming September 7th & 8th.



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