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    Goodguys Heartland Nationals 2011

    Show & Shine, Cruising, Family & Friends, and a GoodTime...

    • Gary and Marilyn Meaders beautiful 58 Chevy Impala.

    • John and I have so many favorite shows that we attend throughout a year. We also hear about new shows that we must put on our bucket list, such as the Salt Flats. One show that a very good friend of ours, Bill Goodwill, talked us into to going to is this one, the Heartland Nationals. Many of you may say the cars look the same, the grounds look the same, and you are probably right. I personally grew up on a farm, so I lived in an agricultural community. In that farming communit,y in order for us kids to have interaction with the neighbor kids you would end up taking 4-H. My family was from Indiana and we would always go to the Indianpolis State Fair, so I have many fond memories of family and friends at the fair. For me it was a natural yearning to want to go to the Iowa State Fair grounds. I guess you would call it pure curiosity.

      I had heard from many that these grounds were really beautiful with the trees, hills, and buildings. We both fell in love with the grounds the first year we attended the Heartland Nationals. You definitely have plenty of spots for shade. The route for cruising is one of the nicest. The setting for this show is great for the Fourth of July background setting, with the buildings, main street with the old time street lights, and the beautiful city skyline. The hospitality of the Iowians is so nice. Another factoid for all of you is Des Moines is known for their great thick pork chops. Actually the Iowa State Fair is known to serve some of the best chops.If you have visited the city and did not try their chops you are missing the best I have ever had any where. Besides all of this stuff we've notice that this particular show seems more laid back then any other shows that we attend during the summer. I don't know if it's the people, location, scenery or the combination of all three. For right now this is one show that we will keep on our schedule each year. Hope to see you all at the show next year!

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    • (8 & 9) John with LIA Magazine stopped by Speed by Spectre to check out the fitting of the nice dual snorkle air breather that he wants to swap out for his old one on his '66 Impala wagon. Mike with Speed by Spectre is checking out the clearance with the hood. Did John get the air breather?? Check the car out the next time you see it...

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    • Some of the award winners ...
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    • (24) Gary Meaders enjoying the entertainment Sunday before the awards.

    • More event coverage ... Like the AutoCross
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    • (26) Your LIA Lady hitching a ride with Brandi Morrow "Speed by Spectre". (27) Brandi and Julie looks like they are not having any fun on the AutoCross...not so! (28) Brian Finch having fun on his final run of the weekend...

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    • (31) Roger Burman burning the hides before going out on the autocross road course.

    • The grounds at the Iowa State Fair grounds are beautiful. We always love to take the sky ride to see the view of the grounds, cars, and people.